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  • Intel Core i7 12700k 32GB RTX 3080 3090 or Ti Ideal for Golf & Flight Simulators in 4k Gaming PC AC316

    Intel Core i7 12700k 32GB RTX 3080 3090 or Ti Ideal for Golf & Flight Simulators in 4k Gaming PC AC316

    • £2,599.00
    • Save £700

    For additional game advice see * at the bottom of the page

    ****IF YOU WOULD LIKE WINDOWS 11 INSTALLED BEFORE DELIVERY PLEASE ADD THIS AS A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER ****** Otherwise your PC will be installed with Windows 10 and you have 12 months to upgrade to 11 for Free.

    Windows 11 is available as a FREE upgrade from Windows 10 throughout 2022 so you can roll back to 10 if you try 11 but don't like it. If you have 11 from new then you can't roll back. This is why we would install 10 unless you ask otherwise.


    Today’s PC gaming visuals are nothing short of extraordinary. Advancements in ray tracing simulate lighting and shadows to create stunning, photographic scenes, resulting in realism and deeper gaming immersion.

    Resolution is the size of the image, measured in pixels. A pixel is the smallest physical point on a display, the building block of any onscreen visual. A larger number of pixels, or “higher resolution,” delivers sharper details and visuals that can accommodate a wider variety of colors, leading to stunning graphics.

    Standard HD monitors are 1080p resolution, 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall. Displays with 1440p, aka 2K screens, are 2560 x 1440 and contain 4x more pixels than HD for incredible graphical fidelity. 

    FPS measures the number of times an image is rendered or redrawn per second onscreen by the graphics card.

    Refreshes must be extremely quick to represent fluid, smooth movement. Key frame rates include 30, 60 and 120 FPS. These thresholds are leaps in performance that have matched new generations of displays.

    ADD a Skytrak for realistic graphics and Golf Simulation- the only thing missing is the wind in your hair!

    RTX Graphics -Over 150 Games and Applications use RTX to deliver realistic graphics.


    Designed for high performance 4k gaming and simulation on high settings such as:

    • Player Unknown Battlegrounds
    • Ark Survival Evolved
    • Planet Coaster
    • Just Cause 3
    • Doom
    • Battlefields 1
    • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    • Assassins's Creed Syndicate
    • Mass Effect Andromeda
    • Fallout 4
    • Witcher 3
    • Twitch Game Streaming
    • Flight Simulators
    • The Golf Club

    Will also do the usual low end requirements such as: 

    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Office Applications
    • Streaming Internet TV
    • Photoshop
    • Premiere Pro & Video Editing
    • CAD and drawing packages
    • Music Programs


    • Gaming Tower with Colour Changing LEDs
    • Windows 10 and 12 months Free Upgrade to Windows 11
    • Wireless adapter and LAN for internet connectivity



    • Intel 12 Core i7 12700k Alder Lake 5.0Ghz Turbo
    • All in one 240mm Hydro Cooler

    Memory - 32GB DDR5 CORSAIR 
    Power Supply - 80+ Gold Cert
    Motherboard - ASUS PRIME Z690-p wifi

    Storage - NVME M.2 Drive - choose size in options
    Graphics Card 

    • RTX 3080 10GB
    • RTX 3080 Ti 12GB
    • RTX 3090 24GB
    • RTX 3090 Ti 24GB 




    Internet: Internal LAN and USB WIFI




    When you buy from us

    Where a Screen is included in a package these are ALWAYS Brand New Boxed Full HD Widescreen Black Monitors. Size is guaranteed to be a minimum as specified. All of our PC cases and Graphics Cards are BRAND NEW UK Stock with warranty. PLEASE NOTE you can only order website items in store if it is showing as in stock. We have some PCs built up in store ready to take away but as we build all of our PCs ourselves you can ask for a Custom Build which is built to your requirements and is often ready to collect in just a few working days.  


    1. LOCAL EVENING DELIVERY (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY) - Includes St Helens, Widnes, Liverpool, Warrington, Wirral, Chester, Manchester, Southport, Bolton, any area within the M60 or within a 25 mile radius of Liverpool. Delivery is around 2-5 working days at the moment. We deliver these areas with our own driver who delivers in the evening so please don't add a work address unless you are there in the evening.  You will be called by our mobile number which will be in your confirmation email.

    If you are unsure of your area being within our local driver area or need a delivery on a specific day please email us before ordering. You can also contact us by phone on 0151 228 2288 or by email

    Some areas slightly outside may also be delivered during the evening but may not be within 3 days.

    2. COURIER DELIVERY - If you are outside of our area or are only available during the day please choose our courier service. We ship within 10 days at the moment once your order has been built and tested, delivery may take up to 48 hours and is only working days and hours. Delivery is between 9am and 6pm and dependent on the courier.

    Contact us by Telephone 0151 228 2288 our normal opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Sat & Sun 12-5pm

    When you buy from us you are buying from a highly experienced and qualified team of engineers who have been in the business since 1996. All PCs are constructed using some of the industries best quality components, then built professionally and tested thoroughly so we can give you a 3 year warranty with confidence. Warranty is 12 months parts & Labour and a further 2 years labour only. All PC peripherals, Cases, Power Supplies and Graphics cards are Brand New. All Ryzen and Coffee lake systems are 100% New Components from major brands. If you want more information please check out our FAQ


    All Computers are provided with a USB Wireless adapter. This is great for computers close to the router. If you are further away from your router or wish to play online gaming we recommend the internal LAN or add an internal wireless card available from Accessories.

    All images and videos are for illustration purposes, Brands and Models may vary depending on stock but will always be equivalent or better than stated.

    Please note that computers do not produce sound unless you attach PC speakers, headphones or a Screen with built in speakers. You can add these in our accessories section.

    Gaming Tips *

    Gaming FPS is determined by many factors including internet connection speed and game server loads. Some tweaking of settings may be required for optimal performance.
    New games and updates are released often and requirements may change in the future.
    For specific issues and advice on games you may find the developers website will offer you better advice.


    All of our computers are suitable for the version of Windows provided when delivered and all of the updates within that version.