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3XS FA5i Audio Workstation, Intel Core i5 9600K "Coffee Lake", 16GB DDR4, 250GB SSD, 1TB, Win 10 ACS235

3XS FA5i Audio Workstation, Intel Core i5 9600K "Coffee Lake", 16GB DDR4, 250GB SSD, 1TB, Win 10 ACS235

  • £949.00

3XS FA5i

Our entry level FA5i spec makes the perfect tracking and melt-tracking solution for any project studio or indeed a highly competent machine for anyone just starting out recording at home. The 3XS FA5i is based around Intel's "Coffee Lake" hexa-Core i5 9600K CPU. As with all of our audio systems, the models found in our ready to ship series are all tested and configured to ensure the widest compatibility possible with common studio software programs, as to ensure the smoothest running of all of your tools and applications.

The main drive in this system is a fast Samsung Evo 250GB SSD, which comes with your OS on installed upon it and is ideal for running your sequencer and projects off. Alongside the OS drive, we also include an additional 1TB WD Blue mechanical drive for storage and sample libraries. If you wish to migrate over your old project drives or make sure, you can add in additional storage in the future, the case has 5 more drive bays making it easy to expand accommodate any future expansion you wish to carry out.

The system has 16GB of Corsair memory included, which we find is a great amount for even the most demanding of tracking & editing duties carried out on this level of machine, but we also make sure to leave two more slots free in case of future upgrade plans should you find yourself needing more in the future.

This i5-based configuration lends itself well to those artists who are running project studios where multi-track recording & editing their projects are the key concern, and the recordings have less emphasis on soft synth sound generation or other such CPU heavy tasks and is more suited to the treatment and postproductions of live sound and band studio recording sessions. As with all of our studio-based systems, the performance to noise level is a key concern and as always, we strive to ensure that we get the maximum amount of performance with the least amount of disruptive background noise ensuring that the performance is seen but not heard.

Detailed Overview


A fast CPU translates to higher VST counts along with a smoother, more responsive experience whist you work. The FA5i includes a powerful Intel Core i5 9600K which has six cores running at 3.7GHz with a 4.6GHz turbo that delivers maximum performance when you need it.


By testing & validating with all of the major sequencers during the system design phase, we aim to ensure all the teething issues are worked out well before you receive it. This will help to ensure you get setup as smothly as possible and keep you productive by ensuring a great day to day experience.


Low noise levels are cruical in the studio enviroment where recording may be taking place, so all of our 3XS studio machines are designed around low noise components and quiet cases. This will help to ensure that you can mix and produce without distractions.


Nobody likes waiting for their applications to load, so the FA5i includes an SSD instead of an old fashioned HDD. SSDs use sold-state memory, so you can boot into Windows, load applications and projects in a fraction of the time of a mechanical HDD.

Detailed Specifications

Component Description
Chassis Cooler Master Silencio 452
Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z390-P
Processor Intel Core i5 9600K "Coffee Lake" Six-Core 3.7 GHz (4.6 GHz Turbo)
CPU Cooler Be Quiet! Shadow Rock Slim
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666Hz DDR4
Graphics Card Intel UHD Graphics 630
Power Supply 500W Be Quiet! PURE POWER 11 – 80PLUS GOLD
System Drive 250GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
Storage Drive 1TB Western Digital Blue HDD
Optical Drive LG 24X DVD-RW
Networking Intel LAN
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit
Recovery Media Recovery USB drive with system image and diagnostic software
Warranty 3 Year Premium Warranty - 1st Year Onsite, 2nd & 3rd Year Return to Base (inc Parts & Labour)
Accessories 3XS Branded Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad, 3XS Mug & Cable Tie



Anyone can build a PC, so what really makes the difference between any old PC and a 3XS PC? For starters, our team has been designing and building PCs for more than 20 years, so we have a huge amount of experience in building highly reliable systems that deliver the most performance for your budget. These are the benefits you receive when buying a professionally built 3XS system versus building a system yourself.

No Compatibility Headaches

It can take weeks to research the right combination of components, not just to ensure you get the most bang for your buck but to minimise the chance of one component being incompatible with another. Whether you buy a system from our configurator or a custom spec system our engineers will do all this hard work for you, ensuring that when your system is delivered it performs flawlessly.

Intensively Tested

Building a PC only takes a few hours, but installing all the software and making sure that everything is configured properly and that your software runs stably takes up a huge amount of time. By ordering a 3XS system our engineers take this painful process away, as all our systems undergo a strenuous Quality Control procedure which includes updating Windows, installing the latest drivers and motherboard BIOS. Overclocked systems receive an additional 24 hour burn-in test to ensure stability.

A Work of Art



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