Unfortunately from time to time there may be issues with your computer or laptop where you would normally need to return to the shop.


There are many issues which you may be able to rectify yourselves so with this in mind please check out our suggestions below.

1.  Problems with frame rates in games

Unfortunately with so many games we could not have the knowledge or specific details to help with games. We suggest trying online forums and game developers websites. 
We recommend downloading unigine heaven and running the benchmark with all other programs closed. If you get the expected FPS in this then and game problems will be down to settings.

A PC will NEVER give a constant FPS like a console so please do not contact us if your FPS is consistently higher than 50-60 fps. Unlike a console where the FPS is fixed, a gaming PC will always try to push to the highest it can. As a result you will see fluctuations. This can be more variable if you are playing an online game as the internet will be the cause.

If you do return a PC for low FPS then we will only run the benchmark not games. The benchmark is not internet dependent so will give a genuine reading.

2. Boot up issues

Check out what the error code is that you are getting. Many can be down to memory management where your programs are installed.

3. Many issues can be solved by reinstalling windows

4. Running out of space

We have dealt with this on another page. CLICK HERE