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When the store is open as normal then all repairs and upgrades need to be booked in with us by emailing

With Lockdown conditions changing all the time please refer to the following if you are in a higher Tier than Liverpool or if the store has had to be closed as it not deemed essential.

If you have been authorised to return a computer during lockdown then please follow these instructions.

1. Items can be returned to our store if you are in the same Tier or by appointment only if we are in full lockdown.

2. Items can ONLY be returned to our mail box, details below. Returns can be only by COURIER no personal callers for the protection of the mail  box staff.

3. All items MUST be boxed, sealed and have ACPCS clearly on the outside.

4. DO NOT return any cables or accessories. Packages will be refused if they are not sealed.

5. The outside of the box must have a sheet with your name, address and telephone number on.

6. Inside the box include a sheet has all the details on this form

7. Return address is

Unit 165 Imperial Court
Exchange Street East
L2 3AB

8. Parcels left at the mail box will be collected each few days. Once it has been repaired it will be shipped back to you. This process may take up to 14 days.

9. We understand that you may wish for us to vary or amend these conditions but these procedures are in place for the Health and Welfare of our staff and customers. As we have recently lost a colleague to Covid-19 we must ensure that these procedures are enforced.

10. You will need to arrange your own courier to return the PC, once we have evaluated the issue we will contact you to arrange the return.