Returning a Computer



On rare occasion there may be times when a Computer needs to be returned to us for warranty work. On these occasions it is important that you follow the guidelines below so we can assist you the best way possible.

Even if you are bringing the PC to the store yourself you will still need to complete the returns process and obtain an RMA number. 

Before returning anything please make sure that you have had a conversation with us to determine if a return is necessary. You can email us at

If the Computer has been with you for less than 30 days and not had the warranty seal removed, then we cover both directions of courier. After 30 days we cover only the return direction of carriage.

If your warranty seal has been removed please contact us to discuss your options before returning.

If the fault has been determined to be a software issue i.e. not faulty parts but something you have installed or downloaded for example then we do not cover the cost of any carriage.

If we agree a date for collection with you and you miss the collection then you will need to arrange your own return, there may also be a charge for the missed collection if it has been paid in advance by us  


Once it has been approved for return you will be given an RMA code.
Please ensure that you have printed and completed the RMA form with full details of your issue and contact details.


Returns Dept. AC Technology Returns

363 Edge Lane
L7 9LQ

Before a courier has been arranged please ensure that the computer is adequately packaged, particularly for the glass cases as couriers will not cover you for physical damage if the glass is smashed on return.

If we are arranging a courier for either direction please bear in mind that collection and delivery can be at any time on the chosen day between 9am and 6pm, so consider if an alternative address may be more suitable such as a work or relative. If you live near to a particular courier depot and would like to drop the parcel off rather than wait for a collection please let us know. 

If we are arranging the collection you will need to have access to a printer so that you can print out the return label as most courier drivers will not bring one with them.

Once the Computer is back with our engineers they may not be aware of any conversations that you have had so make sure you include as much relevant details of your issue with the tower. Also ensure that you have included your telephone number and return address. 

Unless otherwise authorised please only return the Tower, do not include any USB dongles, cables or other accessories.

Once your computer has arrived back with us we aim to have the fault diagnosed and repaired within 7 working days. If you return a computer between November and January this time may be much longer. Once the tower is packaged ready to return you will be emailed the tracking details and it should be with you the next working day.

We deal with all returns in order in which they have been booked in so please be patient as you may be in a queue before your computer can be repaired.