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Merry Christmas to all of our customers.

Here are a few questions that we have been asked already today....

1. No signal - you have connected the monitor or TV to the onboard graphics card and not to the gaming graphics card. This is lower down and is often a black connection that you may not see at first.

2. No HDMI - the HDMI is next to the DVI and may have a small dust cover in it, just remove this.

3. Illuminated keyboard - 

AULA - keyboard & mouse set.

Press FN (next to the space bar) and numeric keypad '5' numbers 8 and 2 will change the brightness.

HURRICANE, Raptor & Powercool keyboard - Press the scroll lock or pause break button, the correct one should have a little icon of a light bulb

4. Wireless - you should have a small USB dongle in one of the USB ports. This may be at the front or the back of the tower. Wifi not picking up, remove and try in another USB port.

Please note that we can not get involved with any specific game questions, you will need to contact the game manufacturer or forums for settings.

Any other questions please contact us when we reopen Boxing day at 12pm

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